Taking Charge...

I was chatting with a former co-teacher in Taiwan who now resides in the UK. Giddy is the only word I can think of to describe her last night because she just got engaged! Well, she's now officially engaged because he finally put a 'ring' on it. They've been engaged for a while but the ring had to wait. Anyway, things are looking up for her and her future hubby because aside from planning a wedding, they're also in the process of looking [and possibly buying] a house. My friend lives with her uncle right now. Her only responsibility is paying her dues ~ rent, utility bills, foods ~ and that's about it. Now that they're looking into buying their very own house, she has to deal with stuff like insurance such as home which of course includes contents insurance.

My friend admitted that she's quite overwhelmed with everything that comes in owning a house. I can only tell her what I do myself when it comes to those things....let the husband take care of it. Ha! She just laughed because she's not that kind of person. She's the kind that likes to take charge so letting her husband take over is out of the equation. Her husband-to-be grew up in the UK so he knows more about these things that's why I suggested that. She said he's busy with work so she has to do these things herself. Oh well...I guess I rest my case. I can only wish her good luck.


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