Yep, I'm talking about the day of the hearts which will be in less than a month. We don't do anything extra-ordinary on this day since it is so commercialized already. Cliche as it may sound, I kinda' agree that everyday should be like valentine's day. Our little one though likes days like Valentine's day so we go along with her...yes, even the Dad who is anti-Vday! Ha! Anyway, while we were at the store last weekend she kept bugging me about getting one of those heart-shaped boxes of chocolate truffles...for Dad. I kinda' have a feeling it's not REALLY for Dad you know so I just said maybe next time. We usually get her something for this day and this year I'm thinking of ordering a chocolate cake online to surprise her. I already found a website that has a lot of good ratings from customers and I may just give it a try...you know, ordering a cake online. I'm sure she will get her chocolate fix with their rich chocolate cake because by just looking at the pictures of the different cakes on their website I think I can almost taste them. I am hoping the cake will taste as good [if not better] as the pictures look like.


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