Afraid of Heights

Sadly that seems to be the case with me sometimes. I am not deathly afraid of it though. I can go on high places but I just need some time to get used to it before I can actually look down. The part that I hate the most probably is the going up part especially if the stairs or ladders are not very sturdy. To prove my point, I can hardly climb on metal step stools without my knees shaking. Yes, it's that bad sometimes. I have to ask hubby to hold the poor step stool the first time I used it just to make sure there is some kind of a support system if the 4 legs that the stool has aren't enough, eh? The bad thing is...I need one in order to reach for a lot of things in our cupboards! Ugh!

Anyway, this 'fear' of mine is not only when I'm ON the ladder. I also get scared whenever he or the little one gets on a ladder. I don't know why but I start feeling that sensation on my legs [like they're about to buckle] whenever I see him climbing on a ladder. It's kinda' pathetic actually because I'm talking about a 5-step or 8-step ladder here. It would probably be more acceptable if the ladder has 50 steps on it. Oh well...I guess we all have one silly fear, don't we? Or do we?


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