Crazy Whe-Duh!

We've been waking up to temperatures in the low 50s for a few days now only to see it climb up to nearly 80s early afternoon. How crazy is that? Not that crazy actually when you're living in our state. Oh well...

Besides the crazy whe-duh, nothing else is going crazy around here. It's crazy slow as far as work is concerned but that's about it. It was a holiday here yesterday ~ President's Day ~ but since I am a WAHM and the husband runs his own business, we don't really observe the holidays...unless we want to. As a matter of fact we even forget it's a holiday some days. It's only when the mail doesn't come that I sometimes realize it's indeed a holiday.

Anyhooo, this past weekend was relaxing. The husband was able to put some grass grass feeds/fertilizer around the yard in preparation for the spring season. Then we went biking around the neighborhood for about an hour and a half. That was fun. There were fewer glitches this time around [read: me goofing up on the 3-wheel bike = PATHETIC!]. I still feel a little sore from all that pedalling actually. I hope we can do that every weekend because it makes for a great family time without spending any money [especially on gas!!!] and it's a great form of exercise as well.

Sunday was another fun day. We originally went out to have the car washed and to walk around the mall. We did both. Then hubs decided to test drive a car he's thinking of 'maybe' getting. We stayed in the car lot while he did that. I thought we would only be there for an hour 'tops' but we stayed longer because he ended test driving 2 different vehicles. After the tests he spoke with the manager of course. In short we stayed longer than anticipated. By the time he's done, it's dinner time already. As soon as he got in our car my question to him was: "So where are you taking us to dinner?" To which he replied [with a smile]: "Where do you want to go, Honey? I'm sorry it took that long." Haha....I actually didn't mind. I knew he wanted to do that [test drive those cars] so it's fine with me. Anyway, we ended up going to Chili's. I wasn't that hungry so I just ordered some buffalo wings which I have been craving for a few days already. We got so full that we had to take the rest of the desserts and some of my wings home.

That's how our weekend went down. How was yours?


Ciela said…
Same here Huling, we're having crazy whe-duh too! :) Hot and humid in the afternoon then quick heavy rainfall on early evenings. Okay na rin, at least nakakabawas ng init sa gabi.

I love buffalo wings too. Kaya lang I always request to make it mildly hot. Sarap! So, kelan ang delivery nung vehicle? I guess you need to learn how to drive na. Ain't it a necessity there in U.S.?

Happy TGIF na! Enjoy the weekend Huling!

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