I grew up in a place where flooding is a regular occurence. We have a river at the back of our house, maybe a couple hundred meters away from our house itself, and it swells up everytime it rains hard. It's the reason why our old house was built on stilts. It's only in the recent years that my family [brothers] decided to have a ground floor in their houses. One of my brothers said that all the houses there now have a ground floor and a second floor with some having a third floor just because flooding is still a sad reality. As a matter of fact they just had probably the worst flood ever. It's the worst because unlike before water didn't subside as quickly so they had to use something like a WeGotPumps.com gusher pump to get rid of the water in a lot of the houses. Fortunately for my brothers, they didn't have to pump out the water because it went back in the river behind our house. The houses on the other side of the road weren't that lucky so they needed to use a gusher pump to do that for them. Luckily, our local government has the equipment to do so or they would have had flood water in their houses longer than they wanted.


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