Gardening & Composting...

One of my brothers back home is an avid gardener. He didn't use to be homebody much less a gardener and spent most of his younger years out with friends getting wasted but he did a complete turn around one day and just started using his energy tending to our backyard. He started with peanuts then added more fruits and vegetables in his garden. It is also this love of gardening that he discovered and started composting. Never has he used any chemicals in his garden so his produce are one hundred percent free of pesticides. I guess that's when he realized how beneficial composting would be in his hobby. On his last birthday, I asked him what he wanted and he said a composter because he wants to have one near each garden plot. He already has one that he made himself but just like a lot of homemade stuff, it's not as convenient as the ones in the market that are well designed. Our backyard is quite big so I understand why he wants more than one composter. So I started looking for the best composters out there to see which ones to get him. There are quite a few selections actually but I like the Spin Bin the best because of its size and it's perfect for my brothers garden. I wonder if they sell it there though...


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