Missing Out

One of my brothers turned the big 5-0 last weekend. He had a big party to celebrate and being thousands of miles of away, I of course missed it. It's life now so I have come to accept it already. The same is true with hubby. I think he and one of his brothers are the only ones in this state. Anyway, one of their nieces got married recently. We got an invite in the mail but we weren't able to make it. The wedding took place while they were trying to beat a deadline for a big job and there was no way we could have attended. The wedding became some kind of a family reunion because it was held when most of his siblings were available to meet up. The mother of the bride a.k.a. hubby's older sister sent us pictures taken by a philadelphia wedding photographer and it was obvious they all had a blast during the special occasion. We really wanted to be there but it wasn't possible at that time. We promised my sister in law we'll visit them as soon as time permits. When? That seems to be the question of day...year, maybe?


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