New Laptop

It may sound odd to some people but my brothers [2 of them actually] back home don't know how to use the computer. The older one just doesn't see the need for it so he won't be bothered by it. Not even by his kids who each has a laptop of their own. The younger one felt the same until recently. Thanks to his son who is 8 years old, my brother doesn't have a choice but to learn how to use one or he won't be able to monitor his son when he uses one. He recently got a new laptop and so far the only thing my brother knows how to do online is to download youtube videos. It's funny how excited he sounded when he realized he can actually watch our little one's videos online because of You Tube. He said that's all they did when they first got on it. He still has a long way to go since that's all [watching videos] he's been doing online but he'll get there. I just hope he's able to keep an eye on his son while he is online. I don't want that little boy coming across the not so good stuff online...especially not at that age.


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