I admit it...I tend to re-schedule appointments every now and then. I have valid reasons for doing so and I do it at a reasonable time frame. I don't want to be an incovenience to other people much less a business that's why I re-schedule at least within the 24-hour frame that we're supposed to call in.

I have an appointment half an hour ago. I had to call to the business and asked why I haven't received any call about it and that their rep is late. I got a call and found out that there has been some problems with the schedule of the person involved so it's going to be an hour later than scheduled. It would have been okay if they called before I did but they didn't. What happens if I didn't call when I did? They will just show up and expect me to just go along with it? Or maybe they would just not show up? That's very unprofessional in my opinion. Quite frankly if I'm not already ready I would just say never mind.

Very frustrating to say the least.


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