SuperBowl REMATCH!

That's what this coming Superbowl XLVI is all about...a rematch of the Superbowl XLII between the NY Giants and the NE Patriots. Many believe that game in 2008 was one of the biggest upsets in football history. During that season the Patriots had an almost perfect record [18] and they only needed to win the Superbowl to make it perfect. Unfortunately, the Giants pulled one on them and they lost.

This season, the Patriots definitely had a better record than the Giants BUT that was obviously the case in 2008 as well. Of course the big question now is: Will history repeat itself? Or will the Patriots prove they can beat the Giants once and for all?

I'm not rooting for any team. Just like Ellen DeGeneres, both my teams weren't able to make it to the Superbowl [Saints & Packers...well, Colts as well but Peyton didn't play all season so...'nuff said]. I'm sure the husband will watch the game. I probably will just be popping in to see the half time show and the commercials. I get stressed out during the game even if I'm not rooting for anyone so I choose to sit it out. So there....

Any guess as to who is going to win this one???


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