Walk the Dog!

No, not a real dog but a yo-yo. Well, a yo-yo being walked like a dog. Hmmm...confusing, eh> Let me explain.

Several years ago there was this contest on TV back home where contestants showed different tricks using an ordinary yo-yo and 'walk the dog' was probably one of the first trick they showed. It was very easy that even I could do it when I was younger [and still knew how to use a yo-yo]. Haha! Anyway, the little one got interested in yo-yos a few months ago. Since it's not a very expensive toy, Dad readily got her one the next day she mentioned she likes to learn how to use a it. I "thought" I still knew how to do 'walk the dog' so I told her I'll show her how to do it.

What do you know! Shame! Embarassment! Just a couple of words to describe how I felt when I failed to even hold the yo-yo up and down the string long enough to even do anything. What to do? I went to You Tube and searched for yo-yo tricks! Plenty came up of course. Videos of kids and adults alike showing their extra ordinary talent in using a yomega maverick yo-yo to show tricks I didn't even know can be done using this very simple toy. And I thought my 'walking the dog' trick was mind boggling! I guess not, eh? Good thing thing there are plenty of videos to divert her attention. She forgot [I think] that I was supposed to show her my mind boggling 'walk the dog' trick. Ha!


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