A Decision...Finally!

That's my nephew who last year passed the medical board exams back home. At that time, he was still undecided as to what specialization he will take. All he wanted to do then after passing the board was to finish his masters degree in special education. When that was done, he decided to go into psychiatry. At first he was all excited about it but he later changed his mind again. Up until lately, he wasn't quite sure what he really wanted to specialize. A few weeks ago he finally decided to go into internal medicine. He is now doing his residency for that in a hospital close to home.

I'm not sure if this is it for him. He can still change his mind of course but one thing he has hit mind set though eversince he graduated is having a small clinic not far from where I grew up. Even before he graduated medicine, that was his plan already. He even asked me to see how much medical devices like ekg machines cost here. He always has it in his heart to give back to the less fortunate in our little town and he knows that giving them the much needed medical attention will be his little contribution. I just hope he sticks to one specialization already so he can make this ultimate dream of his a reality.


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