Another Week

...and in a few days MAY will be over. How time flies!

Our weekend was spent scouting for stuff...again. We were able to get a plant that we want to put beside our gardenia [rosal for fellow Pinoys]. This gardenia is quite finicky. It has a  bunch of buds right now but some have fallen off already and it's aggravating because I'm really looking forward in seeing and smelling the flowers. Apparently, it does not like too much sun. Our solution is to find a plant taller than the gardenia itself to serve as its shade. The plant we got is still short but we're hoping it will grow taller very soon to save some of the buds still left on the it.

In other news...I've been feeling a bit ill this weekend. I'm not sure if I'm coming down with a cold or I just lack some sleep or maybe it's my allergies acting up again. I really have no idea but I decided to take a couple of Alkaseltzer just to be sure. So far, the cold is not here and my allergies...well, it's always there. Am coming down with anything? I hope not but I feel better today. I have some aches here and there but I'll survive...I think,


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