Pleasant Day

Spring is supposed to be a very pleasant season. But so far, it hasn't be that pleasant. It actually doesn't even feel like it's Spring right now. It's more like summer actually. Wait. Actually, it felt more like rainy season here the past couple of days because it was raining for the most part. We were actually expecting some more rain today but for some reason, it didn't come. Hmm...I wonder if it's just waiting and will come maybe later in the day. But so far, it's been a pleasant day around wise included. Our gardenia is actually loving the break from too much sun. It has some buds right now and when I looked at them on Monday, they didn't look very happy. They're all droopy and dry because of too much heat. But because of the rain, they are now up and perky again. Hopefully they'll start to bloom very soon. I really like smelling them when they are blooming.


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