Before we left for our vacation, work has been slow already. This is true for both my work & hubby's work. That's basically the reason why we were able to take the vacation anyway. If hubby's work is busy then we won't be able to take a vacation because work has to be a priority especially with  this very unstable economy. Anyway, it's been almost a month since we came back from that vacation...and guess what? Work is still slow! There is work waiting to be done already but in hubby's case they have to wait on materials to do the job while in my case, we have to wait for the work to reach us because it goes through several processes before we get it. In the meantime, hubby is busy working on their company's website while I'm busy doing the usual nonsense stuff online. Ha! Today, hubby spent time looking for a fire hose online. For what? I believe it's for their landlord where they're renting their shop. It seems they need one for the complex. I guess the landlord is afraid that the county inspector may drop in on them again unexpectedly so he wants to have everything in order. I heard the fines for the violations as far as business place is concerned is quite hefty. That is if the place is even found to be suitable for business.


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