Tan Line?

That's what the hubby calls it anyway...but it's not the kind that one might think of though. It's actually on my left wrist where my watch was when we were in the Philippines a few weeks ago. I never took it off [yes even in my sleep] because it's the only way for me to tell the time at anytime, especially at night without leaving my bed. Since it's always on my wrist, that part of me is a lot, I mean A LOT, whiter than the rest of me. Anyway, it does not bother me simply because I've always had uneven skin tone eversince I can remember. The uneven skin tone is mostly on my arms and it starts from just above the underarm all the way around my arm. It never really bothers me because I'm usually wearing short-sleeved shirts so it's not visible to anybody when I'm out. I only see when I take a shower or change my clothes. I know though that as we grow older, having uneven skin tone on our face and other visible parts of our body will start to happen so I'm trying to take care of my skin as much as I can. I'm hoping I won't have to deal with it as I age.


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