The Three Stooges Movie

Weeks before our trip to the Philippines, the little one kept asking me when the new Three Stooges movie will be shown. At that time the trailier only said it will be shown in Sprin so there was no exact date yet. Just before we left it was announced that it was opening in theaters on April 13. Well, we're away on that day so the little one said she'd just wait for the DVD release. I was fine with that but when we got back from our trip, we learned that the movie was still showing in a movie theater not far from where we live. So last weekend we decided to take her to see it. It's Parental Guidance so we had to go with her regardless.

There were very few people in the theater when we got there probably because it's on its 3rd week of showing already. Or it could be that the movie wasn't heavily promoted [as far as I know anyway]. The movie doesn't have any big movie stars [except for Jennifer Hudson?] as well so that may also be the reason why it's not jam packed. Or could it be that 'The Avengers' was opening that weekend as well? Anyway, the little one said she enjoyed it. She wasn't laughing out loud [like Dad] but that could be because she's shy to do so. She actually said she'd rather watch it on DVD. I guess we still have to get the DVD once it comes out even if we already watched it in the big screen eh.

If you want to see the trailier, I have posted it HERE.


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