Unfulfilled Promise

Actually, it's promises since there's a quite a few. This is still in regards to our recent trip back home. Because of the time contraint as well as baggage limit, I wasn't able to bring everything I wanted during the trip like the scrub top I promised one of my nieces. They understand why but I still wished I was able to bring more stuff with me. Actually I already bought most of the things so I have them here right now. If only we had enough time to plan things for that trip, I would have sent a box ahead of us so we didn't have to carry so much with us but that wasn't the case. So right now I am putting all things I was supposed to take with me and will just send them, yes, in one of those big boxes I usually send a couple of times a year. Hopefully all of my unfulfilled promises to them will be put in that box I am sending soon.


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