Baby Carrier Hunt...

Our little one is not so little anymore. As a matter of fact it's kinda' awkward calling her little because she's a bit taller than me now. So what am I doing looking at different baby carrier brands in the last several days? Well, definitely not for her. Oh and before you get the wrong idea, it's not for another addition to our little family here but for another addition to our family. Huh! Confusing? Let me explain. My nephew is having a baby. Well, technically his wife is. The baby is due anytime now. When we were there in April she was about 8 months along. Although her belly didn't look like she's that far along I have to take their words that she's due early June...which is right now. I have not heard any baby news yet but I'm sure I will anytime now. I sent a box a few weeks ago with some baby stuff in it but I wasn't able to put in a baby carrier I promised them so I'm frantically looking for one that I'm hoping I can send ASAP. I'm guessing I'm about to run out of time so I have to get one before the end of this week or it may be useless. Unless they have another baby soon after this one...which I'm hoping not.

Anyway, my nephew and his wife are very young to become parents. In my eyes, they're still kids themselves that a baby caring blog will definitely be very useful for them as they go through this phase together. I was in my mid-30s when I had the little one but I needed every little help and information I could gather to help me in taking care of her. At the time I had her, my full attention was in caring for her but it was still a challenge. How much more for an 18-year old who is in the process of growing up herself. Honestly, I cannot wrap my head around it but I'm sure my sister in law [her mother in law] and her own mother will be more than happy to help her any way they can. In the meantime, let me worry about finding that baby carrier I promised them before I run out of time.


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