It looks like one of my nephews has acquired a new hobby...backpacking! I called over the weekend and he's in some remote place with some of his friends doing just that. This is not a spur of the moment kind of hobby though. I think it all started when they were doing outreach programs in medical school. I guess he liked the idea of going to remote places far from the hustle and bustle of the city. He asked me to search for a good backpack he can use for these trips before but I haven't had the chance. But when I heard he was again somewhere backpacking I decided to search for a backpack especially made for such trips. I've seen a few including the Gregory Backpacks which I think are reasonably priced. Knowing my nephew's taste, he will also like the way the bags look like. I have no idea what kind of a backpack he's using on his trips right now but I'm sure he'll ditch whatever he has right now and get one of these backpacks. I know I would if am into backpacking myself.


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