Commercial Insurance

I just got off the phone with the husband. We've been calling each other back and forth since early this morning because we have to make a few phone calls for some changes we plan in making in our services both here and his work. So far so good because we've made one of big change already and it's only 9 AM our local time...on a Monday, no less. Woot! Anyway, he's now researching about commercial insurance. I'm only aware of personal insurance [and health] so I had to ask him what is commercial insurance since I only hear about it from him and sometimes the news. Apparently, businesses need to have one. They used to have one I think but the agent swindled them and got away with the money. As it turned out they're not the only ones being taken by that agent because an investigator visited their shop and asked for their statement. This is the reason why hubby's busy looking for another provider for this insurance. I am hoping he'll be able to find one soon because from what he's saying, this insurance is important especially in their line of business.


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