Fascination with Celebrity Homes

I wrote a post back in May 2008 ~ a good 4 years ago ~ about some of the most expensive celebrity homes in the world. Right to this day, it's the most read post on this blog. I can't say I'm surprised but it amazes me how much fascinated we are [yes, ME included] about celebrities and of course, their homes. Maybe because we 'somehow' wish we live in one of those mansions? I know I sometimes wonder about that myself.

When I wrote that post I was actually trying to somehow put some things into perspective. At that time we were about to move in to  this house. It's a most awaited time for me and my family because we waited for more than 4 years for our dream to be realized. Simple and small as it is, especially compared to those celebrity mansions I featured in that post, we were over the moon to finally move in here. I couldn't help but compare those humongous houses to our humble abode....for fun.

Anyway, I'm perfectly happy with our current abode. Small and manageable. Yes, it's getting cluttered but that can always be fixed. As fascinated as I am with big, fancy homes I don't think I would like to move in to anything anywhere near the size of any of the ones in that particular post. We could probably use a couple more rooms but 10, 15 and even 50 bedrooms in my house? Na-uh! I'd be too freak out to go beyond the 5th bedroom. LOL.

I tried clicking on the link of the celebrity homes in that post. Unfortunately, it's coming up error now. I guess they're no [the houses] longer considered the top of the tops as far as being expenive is concerned? Maybe it's time for me to write another post about the most current 'most expensive celebrity homes'.


Ciela said…
Hi Huling! I love looking at those huge houses too. Then more often than not, I end up daydreaming.
You said your house is small, e ano pa kaya ang tawag sa bahay namin? Minute?! Lol!

I hope your days are sunny! Non-stop rain naman kami dito. And floods are all over metro manila again. Quite alarming for people in low lying areas. I hope your siblings in Pamapanga aren't affected. Ingat lagi!

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