Father's Day 2012

It does feel like it is Monday because I don't feel like doing anything. Ha!

It was a special day yesterday being it Father's Day! We stayed home for most of the day. We went out to get some stuff from the store then came back home. Huh? Yep, we're boring people....haha. Seriously, I wasn't feeling very well for the last few days so going out wasn't really what I wanted to do.

Just like the past several Father's Day, the little one prepared something for the man of her life. Unlike the last 2 years, singing is not involved this time around. I also didn't have to slave in the computer to put her present together. This time it's something she did all on her own [with very little prodding]. The idea actually came from Dad himself, she just 'produced' it.

Her biggest hobby[?] is doodling. We as her parents are of course her biggest fans in whatever she does...her doodles included. Dad is the one that gets the most enjoyment out of her silly little doodles. If she wants to hear Daddy LOL [yes I'm using LOL as a verb], all she has to do is to show him one of her doodles ~  usually done on scrap papers. Daddy said one time that she should doodle on a clean sheet of paper and he'll frame it. THAT's exactly what she did for father's day. One big doodle...12 x 18 I think. It took her weeks to finish it but she did. It's a silly doodle but it definitely made Daddy laugh out loud while looking at it. And that's all that matters to her...especially on Father's Day.


HONEY said…
Hello ate ,

thank you s Birthday greetings.. Belated Happy Father's Day to Your and your little one's man :)
God bless!

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