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Happy Weekend
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It's been a little stressful this week for me. It's all in my mind for now and I probably shouldn't be stressed but what can I do, it's the way I am. I get easily stressed. How I wish I can just be as carefree as some other people are but I can't so I just have to deal with it the best way I can.

Weather has been okay this week. I don't think it rained at all...but the chances are always there. Right now it's about 40% chance so it might just happen later on. The weekend is looking good though. I think it's only 20% chance. That means Father's Day can be celebrated outdoors ~ for those who like to do it that way anyway.

We have no plans this weekend. The car needs oil change this weekend. That's probably the highlight...haha. I have some chores to do in the house while hubs will probably continue cleaning the outside of the house with his new pressure washer. The little one will probaby try to read the books she cannot read during the week. She likes to re-read the books she has and I just forbade her in doing that during the week because it's hindering her from reading the books she needs to read. I'm glad she likes to read but the books she likes reading are not the ones she needs to read for school. Now, she can only read those other books during the weekend which I think is okay.

Have a good weekend everyone!


Ciela said…
Happy Father's Day to M. How do you plan to celebrate the day? Looks like you're also busy. Buti pa si M, lagi na lang nag-aayos ng paligid nyo dyan. Yung tatay dito, lagi busy sa biking escapade nya. I just let him do his thing, now lang kasi nag-enjoy ng sarili nyang time eh. Okay lang, as long as he'd always be available if we need his company.

Mukhang bookworm na si Miss E ha?! Hinay lang kamo at baka lumabo na ang eyes nya.

Hope you have a bright day today Huling! God bless!

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