Life Happens

I was browsing our local TV stations earlier and came across a music video for a song with the same title ~ Life Happens. I've never heard of the song before and singer/s are not not familiar to me. But for some reason I decided to stop and watch [and listen to] the video. I didn't even catch the rest of the lyrics...just the title. The video shows 2 people just enjoying life. Easy, right? Not quite. Unfortunately life is not that simple. You can't just leave everything behind and take off to have fun. How I wish it's that simple.

These 2 words speak volumes though. No matter what we do and how much we plan, some things in life are just beyond our control. I can plan but I know that HIS plan will always prevail. That much I know.

Does this mean I don't plan anymore? Not by a long shot. I still plan. I just don't rely much on my plans anymore. I used to have a list...when I was still single. Things I wanted accomplished at certain age. That list was my PLAN in life. Well, until life happened. What part of my list got accomplished? Not much and to be honest, not important anymore because the most important things happened to me and they were not even on that list. I got married and became a mother. And I believe that is part of HIS plan for me.


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