Dark. Dreary. Wet.

That basically sums up our weekend. Thanks to Mother Nature of course. Tropical storm Debby decided to pay us a visit this weekend. So far it has dumped more than 10 inches of rain already. It's expected to dump some more in the next couple of days. Our street is literally submerged in water today. The man of the house and the little one went for a drive around the neighborhood to see how much water there is other areas. Apprently, some streets have more.

Our weekend is of course spent cooped up in the house because of this very wet weather we're having. That's alright because I'm in no mood to go anywhere anyway. I spent most of my time bumming around the house. I only got up to prepare food and go to the bathroom.

Anyway, weekend is almost over. Another week is about to start. Appointments here and there. Work is still slow. Hopefully there will be some work in n the days to come to keep my mind off things I shouldn't be thinking about. Fingers crossed!


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