Wall Fountain

In one of the hotels that we stayed in during our 2-week vacation, one of things that caught my attention is a wall fountain in the lobby of the hotel. It's a big wall fountain since it's in a big hotel but I couldn't help wondering how one will look like in a house like ours. The water from the fountain definitely offers some refreshing ambience to the place so a lot of the visitors at the hotel [like us] gravitate towards it while waiting to be checked in. As soon as I got back here, I looked up home wall fountains online and I found a few that I like. They're not the cheapest but they're probably worth it. I have yet to see one in a residential house like ours but I was told there are a lot of houses around here with one. I just have to meet someone whose house has it. Anyone?


Mariko Manlulo said…
i like wat to have wall fountain at home..

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