Weekend Is Almost Over...

Not quite yet but almost and I spent most of it home. The little one went somewhere with Dad yesterday. I took the advantage during that time to do some much needed spring cleaning in her bedroom. I could do that when she's home but it's easier to do it when she's not hovering over me saying: "Oh, I've been looking for that." or "Can I keep that? I really like it." It drives me nuts whenever she does that. The time they were doing their thing, I was also doing my thing. She noticed the change as soon as she got in her bedroom and started asking where this and that is...LOL.

Today was spent at home as well. Hubs is busy putting the finishing touches on our antennae. Yep, our very own MacGyver is hard at work again. In between that he also planted a couple of daisies on our flower bed and moved the lone lily there beside the others by the side of the house. Me? I've been busy doing some chores both online and offline. The little one is busy doing whatever.

And now...here we are. Me...busy typing away while watching..ummm...MacGyver ~ the TV show while the husband is still busy tinkering with hooking up our antennae.. The little one...busy reading her book, I think. Hopefully she's also doing some straigtening up in her bedroom.

That's our weekend. On to another week we are....


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