Words of Wisdom from an Experienced Sweeper

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Some people are always going to scoff at playing sweepstakes as a waste of time. I’ve actually gained a lot more from playing sweepstakes than I’ve lost, even when I factor in the time I’ve spent on the task. You might be surprised at how much you can learn, and how much enjoyment you can gain, from regularly playing sweepstakes.

The Joy of Sweepstakes

I know it sounds silly at first, the idea that somehow playing sweepstakes can actually improve your life. But I’ve found it really is true. Here’s some things I’ve learned from playing sweepstakes:
  • Patience is a virtue. If there’s anything sweepstakes have taught me, it’s patience. There’s a lot of waiting involved with playing the sweepstakes game, so it’s pretty much impossible not to learn how to be patient as part of the process. I patiently enter many daily sweepstakes without fail, like the contests at sweepstakes.rewardit.com, and it’s paid off more than once.
  • Try everything! I like playing the game, so I enter a lot of sweepstakes. I enter lots of cash contests at sweepstakes.rewardit.com, but some sweeps don’t give cash but items. I once won a set of paints through a sweepstakes and felt a little disgusted. The paints got put in a closet and I forgot about them until I went to clean it out. I used the paints to make a sign for the yard sale, and painting is now one of the hobbies I love. Playing sweepstakes has given me the opportunity to try new things, which I love.
  • Exercise your mind. Some sweepstakes actually take a little work to win. I enjoy the sweepstakes that include trivia questions. I’ve found contests that involve crosswords, seek-and-find and lots of other mini-games that require you to stretch your mind. It’s especially thrilling to win these sweepstakes, because you get the thrill of victory and the joy of being right all at the same time. When a sweepstakes is also a mental exercises, it’s definitely a win-win.
  • Every day should have a little fun. Playing sweepstakes is my daily break and my daily dose of fun. It’s very entertaining to take a half hour to an hour every day to enter different contests. Even if I don’t win, I’m still winning because it’s great fun. There’s always a little rush of excitement with playing sweepstakes. I like to play before I ever start my day, so the good feelings sort of stick with me; I know other sweepers who always wait until the end of the work day as a sort of fun reward. I find lots of daily contests at sweepstakes.rewardit.com.
Playing sweepstakes, a waste of time? Never! It’s fun, it’s thrilling, and sometimes it helps to teach players a little something. When you actually luck out and win, it’s even better. Sweepstakes are opportunities, and no opportunity should go to waste.


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