A Stroll by the Beach

Last weekend was defintely one of those weekends where it would be a waste if you just stayed indoors. The weather was gorgeous. Not too cold, not too hot and of course, rain free. In other words, perfect. So on Sunday even if we didn't plan in going out, we went out. At first it was just to go to the Philippine store to get my 'supplies'. After that, we thought we'd just head home. But that changed quickly. We decided to swing by the beach instead.

The beach we went to is just a stone's throw away from our other house. When the little one was just a baby, we would go there just to walk around. Mind you it's not a world-class beach. No white sand or any tikis or anything like that. Vacationers visit the place from time to time just to sunbathe and that's about it. I rarely see people swimming there actually. Still, it's a beach and it's nice to stroll there once in a while.

Anyway, we decided to have lunch first in one of the few restaurants in the area before anything else. The food in the menu is mostly sea foods but I chose to order their beef liver with onions. I haven't had beef liver in a while so I thought of giving it a try. Well, wrong choice. I didn't like it at all. I barely touched it and when the waitress saw that she asked me if there was something wrong with it. I told her that I didn't care for it. She very graciously took my plate and went to the back/kitchen. When she came back she told us that they're taking it off our bill. Isn't that nice of her [and the restaurant as well]? I thanked her and told her we'd be back there when we're in the area again.

After our lunch, we decided to walk around beach. We also went up to some kind of a tower where one can see the beach around. We remembered that we had a picture taken there back in 2001 so we decided to take a picture again on the very same spot. Here's a combo of those 2 pics....

My, my...haven't we changed? Especially that little baby on my arms. Now, she's taller than me. Maybe next time go back there, she can carry me on her arms instead? Hmmmm....


Ciela said…
Wow, ang bait naman nung resto na yan! Sana ganyan din dito. Parang nag-crave tuloy ako sa beef liver. peborit ko pa naman yun. Pero di mo type.

You went to the beach?? siguro kung ako ang nandyan, I'd always be there lalo na at di malayo sa inyo. Sobra kasi akong beach-aholic. hehe..

Cute nung revival photo nyo. Eleven years.. parang kailan lang! Tama ka, lapit ka ng kargahin ni Erica. haha..

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