That's how I felt when I got up early this morning. I knew before going to bed last night that it was going to get cold early in the morning but I wasn't prepared on how cold it actually got. Still, I decided not to turn on the heat and just bundled up with more blankets when I headed back to bed after hubby left for work. I made sure that the little one was also bundled up before I went back to sleep.

When it was time for us to finally get up, I checked our thermostat...mid-60s! Outside it's even colder so I decided to turn on the heat already. My allergies act up once it gets really cold and I'm not going to wait for that to happen. I didn't set it too high...just 70 degrees. Both the little one and I are wearing our warm fleece clothing to combat the cold so we're good.

It was in the 30s earlier but right now we are in the upper 50s already. According to our local meteorologist we'll warm fast. The highest will be in the mid-70s so I'm hoping to stop shaking in the next couple of hours. The weekend will mostly be the same so I'd probably leave the heat on for now.

Anyway, it's TGIF! No big plans for us this weekend. We'd probably just drive around to enjoy the cool weather. Other than that, we'd probably spend majority of our time indoors. How about you?


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