Renting Out

When we moved out of our other house, we had a feeling that we won't be able to sell it right away. The economy has already started tanking so it was a no-brainer. We looked at our options and renting it out was definitely one of them and we did try to do that...for a couple of weeks. We had a temporary tenant who stayed there with the aim of buying it but things didn't work out on his end so he moved out. After that we got plenty more offers from people who want to rent it but we declined because we're afraid we may end up with not so desirable renters.

Our house has been sitting idle for years now and from the looks of it, it may stay that way. Lately, we've been considering what we've been avoiding in the last few years...renting it out. Yes we still have that fear of getting undesirable renters that's why we're looking into doing Rental Screening Solutions to help us, yes, screen possible renters. The people that had approached us so far were either friends or family of friends and family as well. Still we can't just take their words when they say this and that are good people. We have to make sure that the people we'll let rent our place are people who won't just thrash and then leave us high and dry. I'm hoping using a screening company will help us in that department.


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