Space Dilemma

A few weeks ago, hubby came home with pictures of a piano. It's not a brand new piano though. Someone he knows is getting divorced. As part of their agreement, the guy gets the piano. He doesn't really want it so he's selling it at a very low price. The only problem it has is it's missing a stainless steel piano far as he knows. Hubby wanted to see the piano so the guy took pictures of it...which in turn were the ones shown to me. It looks pretty good. I would love to have a piano in the house especially if we can get it at a fraction of its original price but there is one small problem. We don't have the space for it. We tried to look around the house to see if there's anyway we can fit it in. Sadly, it's just not possible...unless we want a piano on our front lawn. We're a bit bummed we can't grab the opportunity to own a piano right now but that's how it is. Oh well. Maybe next time...


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