A Fee for WHAT???


About a week ago I came across a news headline about banks somewhere charging their customers for something. Not new. It's not too long ago when banks tried to charge us monthly fee for using our debit cards. That didn't last because of the huge backlash they got from that decision. We dropped our old bank because of that actually. They tried to woo us back by dropping the fee [putting back the one they already charged us] after a few days but our minds were made already and we switched. Anyway back to my original topic, I didn't read the whole article thinking it was just one of those non-sense fees that banks like to charge. Apparently not. Hubby read the article and told me about it at dinner. He forgot the name of the country but the article claims that the banks in that particular country charge their customers something like 10 to 15%... for depositing their money. To say I am shocked is probably putting it mildly. Really now. As if they're not making any money off of my money already. It's not happening here yet but who knows. With the way things are right now, that may not be a far-fetched reality around here. If that happens, people will probably start doing what was done in the old days....keep their money under the mattress. If this news is not aggravating enough....here's more....

Yesterday [or maybe the day before, I can't remember anymore] I read in the news that Vera Wang will now start charging 500 bucks, yes, 500 big ones, 500 greens, 500 dollars, just for trying on the wedding dresses in her bridal shops. Excuse me? My whole wedding was a fraction of that. As if the Vera Wang wedding gowns are not pricey enough, now they have to charge additional just to try one on. No thank you!

Then today, this is what I read. Yes, a store is charging five dollars ~ $5 ~ for coming in and looking around a store. Fortunately, it's not here..YET, it's in Australia. Still...why would you start charging potential customers for coming in to your business establishment??? According to the sign, it's to stop customers from 'showrooming'...meaning, taking notes of prices to compare to online prices. C'mon! People go to department stores to look and sometimes compare prices. It's what you call ummm...freedom....prerogative. I think this would be the start of the end of that particular store. I don't think anybody in his/her right frame of mind would shell out that kind of money just to walk in a store. If someone does...then she or he probably lost a marble or has some loose screws.


Ciela said…
Ay! Anu ba yan! Charges here and there!
Ano sila hilo? Buti na lang dito sa Pinas ang lakas ng bank competition. Although meron pa rin mga astig na banko na pilit nagi-insist mag charge ng kung ano-ano. Pero oks lang naman yun, wag lang tulad nitong bank na may charge ang deposit. Kaloka talaga!

At shocking nga din talaga yang dept store sa Aus. ha? At yang Vera Wang! Grabe naman yun! Sukat lang $500 na. Crazy! Dun sa dept store, feeling nila theme park sila! Lol!

O sige na. Relax na lang muna Huling after those shocking stories. Have a peaceful day!
J said…
bankarote naman kasi mga banks dito, most of them are 'bleeding.' kaya ayan they're finding ways to make money thru their depositors.

now, that fee to window shop eh super crazy idea. mukhang I need to start loving online shopping para hindi ako ma-charge ng fee. with all the convenience kasi ng online shopping, ewan ko ba at hindi ko type ang online shopping kasi I like to be able to feel and touch the merchandise. ganyan yata ang gurang hahaha.

hope you're having a peaceful Huwebes and finally sleep well tonight. ngayon dating ni M di ba? Makulimlim ulit dito, yung araw kasi nagtago na.

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