First Weekend of Spring

And it's pouring like crazy. This is what I'm looking at while typing this post.

Rain...and more rain with a lot of loud thunders and scary lightnings. I can hear our washing machine turning on & off because of the split second power outages. The outages are so quick the power doesn't really go out. I guess we got the better part of the deal because in other parts of the country [and the world], it's winter all over again. I just saw some friends in Belgium & UK posting pictures of their children building snowmen. Huh? At least here, we'll see happy plants tomorrow because of all the watering they got today. My friend in the UK said her flowers were starting to bloom a few days ago...then snow fell. The flowers...gone, of course.

Winter in Spring seems to be the norm now. It's been happening almost every year. Maybe they should move Spring already? Ha! Spring is my favorite season of the year even if it's not good for my 'sixth sense' aka my allergies. Hopefully it won't rain as much in the coming weekends. I really want to enjoy the weather outside before it becomes too hot. By the looks of it, we have about 2 maybe 3 weekends with good weather. I guess we better take advantage of them then.

Have a good week ahead everyone...


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