My high school has come a long way since I graduated. I remember there were only 5, maybe 6 buildings when I was going there. We didn't have an auditorium per se so everything was done in the covered court. Today, the school has several buildings added to it including, yes, an auditiorum. The ground is also well kept and there are now alot of places around the campus where students can go to mingle and study. Every year, they add something new. This year, they're improving the soccer/baseball/softball field. They are in the process of putting up bleachers so I sent my friend the link for for aluminum bleachers just in case they're still looking for bleachers. My friend works as an accountant of the school right now and she oversees budget and all thefinancial stuff of the school. With that being said, I'm sure she's always looking for ways to spend the school's money wisely so she needs as many choices when it comes to buying major stuff like bleachers.


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