Musically Inclined

Just a lot of other kids, our little one likes music a lot. Aside from listening to it and singing, she also likes to tinker with different musical instruments. Tinker being the operative word there because she doesn't play any musical instrument...yet. We are hoping she's pick one instrument and decides that's the one she likes to learn but she hasn't as of yet. She has a keyboard in her bedroom which she asked for but she only tinkered with it for a while. She also has a small guitar but it's just sitting idle in the corner just like her keyboard now. Since I play a little bit of guitar, I am kinda' hoping she'll pick that to learn. I even showed her some exciting Fender Guitars online hoping it will somehow make her more interested with the instrument but no. Her Dad really wants her to learn to play at least one instrument. Hopefully she'll make up her mind sooner or later. It doesn't matter when since I know it's never too late to learn how to play any of the many musical instruments we have around.


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