New Home to Fix

I was finally able to talk to a friend who recently moved from Texas to Virginia. She's a former co-teacher who taught in TX for more than 10 years. But her husband got a better job in VA which is the reason for them to relocate. Her husband relocated months before her so he had the chance to look for houses they can either rent or buy. There are plenty of options today because of the housing market situation. When my friend arrived in VA a few months ago, they started looking at all their options. It didn't take long for them to find the house they both like. The house they chose is relatively new but it sat idle for a long time so there are some things that need work.  First things first of course so they started with fixing some windows first. I have no idea what kind of state the windows were in when they got the house but they probably needed something like the service of hampton va windows or something similar. From what my friend told me, the house is a 3-storey house so there must be a lot of windows to fix. Hopefully, that's all there is to fix. But I doubt it.


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