Time's Flying

Wow. That's probably one of the most used phrase in history. But it's true. Proof...our little one will be turning a year older in a few weeks. She's almost a teenager. Not yet this year but I'm sure that it's going to be sooner than I want. I know I can't slow down time but I wish I can. Anyway, she already started reminding us that her birthday is coming soon. She even wrote it on the small reminder board we have in the kitchen. As if we're going to forget. She hasn't asked for anything for her birthday so I have no clue what to get her. Maybe it will come to me in the days to come.

Right around her birthday every year I can't help but be sad a wee bit. Maybe because I know that in no time she'll go out there and spread her wings. Out there where uncertainty lies. That scares the life out of me to be honest. I know we're trying our hardest to raise a well-rounded individual but the fear of what's out there is just too strong to ignore. I wish we can just keep her within the safety of our own little world...but we can't. Her Dad and I know that one day, she will want to go out there to see the world all on her own. And that's something I am not looking forward to. Sigh.


Ciela said…
I understand your feeling towards your young lady Huling. I remember ganyan din ako noon. Over protective! Hatid sundo sa school ang mga bata. Kapag may affair, sasama ako. But then I realized my kids, also needs to explore the world. Kaya hayun, pinabayaan na namin sila to be on their own.

Prayers na lng ang panlaban sa fears and worries when they are out of the house. I know kaya mo din yun Huling!

Advance Happy Birthday sa pretty young lady! Dalaga na ang iyong baby!
J said…
hay ang Mommy takot hahaha. di ako maka-relate kasi. paano naman etong gurang na ito ay nabokya (LOL).

pag-ri-ringin ko sana fon mo kanina kaya lang taxi driver kasi ako earlier (LOL). tumawag ang customer ko at ayun biglang naglakwatsa na kami hahaha.

hope your weekend was peaceful and relaxing. saan ang lakwatsa.

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