Friday, March 8, 2013

Virtual Maps

One of my favorite past times online is checking virtual maps. I guess the husband somehow got me into it since he likes using them to locate some properties for sale. I have a different reason though for using them. I usually look at famous people's houses using these virtual maps. Some of them I know because they're usually in the tabloids but some houses are owned by people I've never heard of like martin hanaka. I just stumbled on his 'house' using a virtual map while I was checking out something else. What can I say, it's fascinating to see how big their houses are even just from an earial point of view. I also check ours from time to time as well as some people I know personally. As a matter of fact I have this friend who told me to look for his friend's house using a virtual map. Why? Because when the picture of his friend's house was taken for the map, my friend was in it. He was parked in front of the house unloading stuff when it happened. The result was his little slice of fame on a virtual map. Unfortunately his face was blurred out to hide his identity. Ha!

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