What's for Dinner?

P-I-Z-Z-A! Yep, something sinful.

We only order pizza once in a blue moon. This time, it's some kind of a treat for the little one. Why? She was asking me a few days ago why we haven't ordered pizza in a while. I told her because we're trying to cut on the not so healthy foods. She said she really wants to eat pizza and left it at that. I didn't think much about it after that. Yesterday while we were visiting hubby's Grandma at the hospice, hubby's sister asked if the little one wanted to go with her to pick up her granddaughter. She said yes so off they went. While she was at their place, they offered her pizza which they were having for lunch. She politely said no and asked if they had any granola bars instead. They didn't so she ended up with a yogurt instead. When they went back to the hospice she didn't tell us about this incident but my SIL did. She said it was kinda' surprised that the little one would say no to pizza. I guess she remembered what I told her about us trying to eat healthy that's why she said no. She could have easily said yes and satisfied her craving for pizza right then and there but she chose not to. That made me proud of her. Anyway, I told Dad about it so he said that just for that, the little one deserves the treat. Of course I can only agree. I think having few every few months wouldn't hurt.


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