A Little Bit Taller...

Our "little one" celebrated another birthday a few days ago. As expected she was very excited days before the day itself. She had a reminder posted on our small chalkboard in the kitchen...as if we're going to forget about the birthday of our one and only, eh? Anyway, we had the usual cake/ice cream on the day itself. Then on the weekend, we went to the frozen yogurt store that she likes so much. That's basically how we celebrated her birthday.

Regardless how we celebrate it, she's one happy birthday girl. That's just how she is. Happy go lucky and satisfied with whatever. When I asked her the day after her birthday if she feels any different now that she's a year older, she gave me an answer that I wish I can say when I'm asked how I feel whenever I celebrate a birthday. Yep, she said she feels "a little bit taller". Ha! And a little bit taller she is actually because in the picture that Dad took of us, she's taller than me now. I guess I know what to say when asked after my birthday this year. I can say "I feel a little bit shorter"...literally. I just happen to be the "shorty" in this house now. Weh!


J said…
peechurs, pleaseeeeee!

eto nagre-relak dito sa aking munting paraiso.

check mo email mo.
Weng Zaballa said…
Hi Mommy J,

Belated happy birthday to E :). How old is she now?

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