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Chat Box...Gone!

Yep, I decided to remove the chat box. It seems all that I see there are spam messages so I chose to just shut it... down I mean... since I have no control on what can be posted there.

I have also been going through the links on my friends' list. I did this a few months back but due to time constraint, I couldn't go through the whole list. During that first attempt, I deleted some broken links...blogs that are no longer in existence. I'm not sure how far I've gone down the list so I have to start over again. As I was going down the links, I realized that aside from those blogs that no longer exist, there are also some blogs that are INACTIVE. Meaning...they haven't been updated for years. I came across a few that were last updated in 2008. Is it safe to say that those bloggers are no longer interested in those blogs and that I should 'probably' remove them from my list? I feel bad taking the links off my list but I feel like it's useless to have them there. I guess I would have to think more about it. Chances are, I may end up deleting them. But then again, maybe not. Yeah yeah...I'm torn. ha!


Ciela said…
Ako naman, I want to bring back some that have been accidentally deleted when I switched to my own dot com site. I do it na lang everytime na ma-encounter ko sila from wherever!

Ayun din, as I look for them, e wala namang updates ung blogs nila since 2010. Kaya, di ko na rin ibinalik.

Pero eto lang ha.. wag na wag mong ide-delete itong link ng blog ko dyan at susugurin talaga kita kahit nandyan ka pa lupain ni Uncle Sam!!

Gandang araw sa 'yo my sweet fwend!

J said…
Naglilinis ka? Ba't di mo ako tinawagan para tulungan ka hahaha.

Big day ng little girl bukas di ba? May 11 y/o na kayo. Humanda ka at malapit nang may kakatok sa pinto ninyo hahaha. Nai-imagine ko na ang nanlilisik na mata in M (lol).

Yung aking kautangan sa yo ay babayaran ko na soon. In the next few days maybe??? Alam mo na ang aking big date eh malapit na.

Hope your huwebes is going great. Ihanda mo na ang cake. Pwede maki-party?
Ciela said…
Oh, as usual, heto at late na naman ang lola nyo! Belated happy birthday sa magandang dalaginding nyo dyan, Huling! She's almost a teener! Agree ako kay J, not too far from now eh dami ng aaligid sa dalaga mo!

I'm sure E enjoyed much her day! Wala na bang natira sa handa?

Hope you're enjoying your weekend!
J said…
are you home na from the yogurt party? hope you enjoyed it and the birthday girl is content and all her wishes are granted.

wishing you 3 a great new week ahead. kami dito hopefully relaxing na ang mga araw namin in the next few days. hihintayin na lang ang pagkatay hahaha.

hugs to my pamangkin.

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