Down Memory Lane

Recently, one of my former dorm mates posted pictures of our dorm at its present state. I must stay that it still looks the same, especially the ladies dorm. The biggest renovation is the conversion of the old gymnasium into a transient hotel. But the chapel as well as my home for 5 years look exactly the same. I haven't been back there since I checked out permanently but I miss the place very much. It was indeed a home away from home for us who stayed there.

The only thing that I didn't like when I was still living in that dorm [for 5 years] was the long walk I had to take everyday because there was no other way to get there unless you drive your own car or hire a taxi cab. It's about 4 blocks away from the main road so I had to trek that almost everyday come shine or rain or flood for that matter. The only thing that made the trek fun was passing by a small Catholic store along the way that sold a lot of religious things. I think I went in that store at least once a week just to browse and see what they have new in their stocks. I believe that's where I bought a Catholic youth Bible I gave to my best friend when she celebrated her 18th birthday. That store sold everything and anything that a Catholic would want to have or buy. It sold rosaries, religious cards as well as Catholic Baptism gifts. I think I still have some of the bookmarks I got from that store. I just have to find them in my 'treasure chest' back home.

Good memories I tell you. There are times I wish I can go back to those days. I know that's not possible anymore so I'm glad I found some of my old dorm mates thru social networks. At least I have some people to walk with down memory lane even just once in a while.


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