Friday, April 26, 2013

Field Trips

I miss taking field trips! I used to go on regular field or educational trips with my students when I was still actively teaching . It's fun to go on field trips that's why I miss it. I was able to see different places that I probably wouldn't visit on my own. But it's not all fun. The planning stage usually took me months to finish. I had to make sure I chose places which are educational as well as interesting so the students would both learn and enjoy. Aside from looking for places, I also had to rent something similar to charter bus phoenix to go to our destinations. Students enjoy riding on chartered buses on these trips because they get to bond as a class outside of the school premises.

At present, I still go on 'field trips'...with my little one and the husband. It's very important for us to take her places since I homeschool her. I make sure that everytime we visit places, she learns something that she won't learn from books. It's still fun to go on these field trips even I only have one student because I'm also learning since the places we visit are also new to me. Come to think of it, we haven't been on a trip for a few months now. Hopefully we can go to another one sometime soon. I'm sure the little one is itching to go to one again.

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