Five Years

That's how long we've been living in this house. It's been good for the most part. But as we stay longer in it, we can't help but re-evaluate the choices we made when we were having the house built. Admittedly, we weren't able to have everything we wanted for this house  because of budget constraint. But one of the things we wish we chose to use is ICF or insulated concrete form. I'm not really sure if our builder offered the ICF in their custom houses but if not, we could have upgraded just like what we did with the other things like the double pane windows.

Now that I've read some about it, I know that the ICF would have been a great way to cut energy cost in the long run since it can result to additional insulating energy efficiency. I noticed that our electric bills have been inching up as the years go by and I'm positive that insulation has a lot to do with it. As a matter of fact, my husband is thinking of putting more insulation around the house to help with reducing our monthly bill. I just wish I knew more about ICF when we were having this house built. I guess we can do that in the next house we're having built down the road.


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