Food, food and More Food

The husband was nursing a nasty cold last week. I guess he picked it up during his recent trip and brought it home to 'nurse'. But he's able to kick it out just in time for us to go and see a festival sponsored by Filipino associations around here. As expected there was Filipino food everywhere. To be honest, that's the main reason why I wanted to go there anyway. The place was packed with people as expected and the lines to the food stalls were long. I was able to try some noodles while hubby tried pork barbecue only. As usual, majority of the meat are so fatty that I balked in getting any even if I was drooling. I don't want to have a holter test done on one day so I try to avoid anything fatty especially the very obvious ones. The little one settled for an 'empanada' which she loves. All in all, the affair was a success judging from the people that were there yesterday. Hubby only had one complain, there was not much entertainment for men like him to enjoy. And I thought the continuous flow of beautiful women was enough to entertain him. I guess not.


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