My Allergy Woes

STUFFY! That's me basically on a daily basis. My allergy medicine usually takes care of it but there are days when it's just not sufficient. One of those days is today...and yesterday...probably tomorrow as well. I thought at first that I may have caught the virus that the husband brought home from his trip. But I'm not that convinced that's the case anymore because I don't feel as if I have the virus. I have stuffy nose alright as well as a bit of a sore throat but that's about it. I don't feel ill at all...which is usually what happens whenever I'm about to get a cold. I however feel like I'm going to get a cough...which I hate more than the cold. I hate that it attacks at night when I'm supposed to be sleeping. Sometimes I don't even know I coughed throughout the night until I wake the next morning with a sore in my throat...and a comment from my husband that I was coughing. Weird but it happens to me.

I've had allergies since I was in high school. I didn't know what it was at first because back then we didn't go to the doctor regularly. We only went to see a doctor for the serious stuff and sniffling was/is obviously not that serious. But as I got older, it started to be a nuisance especially when I started working. That's when I went to see a doctor already. I was given some kind of allergy meds with steroids at first. It worked wonders but I couldn't be on those meds for a longer period of time so I settled with over the counter meds. I've been to other doctors about it and I was just prescribed/advised to take the OTC meds available. That's what I've been doing for years now...popping allergy pills everyday. It's starting to get old so to speak so I'm thinking of seeing an allergy specialist already. I'm still looking for one at the moment but I'm hoping that my allergies will either be gone or at least tapered off so I don't have to suffer through it year in and year out. Wish me luck.


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