Not Again!

It looks like I may have fallen victim...yet again! I hope not. But by the way I'm feeling, I think I have. This time I caught it here in the house. Cold virus has found a new home in me. The man of the house nursed it for a week and now that he's almost okay, I may be the next one. I was afraid that would be the case because it's kinda' impossible to shield myself from it if one of my 2 housemates has it. I touch everything they touch. I try my hardest so I won't be the next victim but it's not enough. I'm taking the cold medicine ASAP and I'm hoping it will do the trick. I don't feel that 'yucky' yet. I just feel some burning sensation at the back of my throat at the moment. Maybe it's not even the cold virus. Maybe it's just severe allergy that's been acting up for the past several days. Oh well...whatever it is it's making me feel a wee bit out of it.

Aside from that, things are doing okay around here. The weather is close to perfect. The highest today I think was in the mid-80s. It will be the same throughout the week so it's nice to just stay outside and kick back. But that's not going to happen because I have to work. I guess I'll just admire the gorgeous weather from the comfort of my office chair. Bleh!


J said…
Ano ba yan? Biktima ka na naman? Good to know M is now good. Baka naman allergy lang yan. Ako nga, I've been off my allergy meds for a long time but yesterday binisita ako ng allergy ko kaya ayan kailangan balikan ang pill. First time kasi we reached high 60's yesterday and today low 70's. kaya lang looking at long term forecast balik kami sa 50's ulit in a day or two.

Mga kautangan ko kailangan bayaran haha. Gets mo ako sa post ko. Galing mo! One of these days soon, kwento ko sa yo LIVE! haha. Mas madali kesa isulat.

Hope you're not going to fall victim sa virus na dala in M. Ipahinga mo lang yan. Enjoy your 80's weather. Kainggit!

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