Retiring at 40

Is that even possible? I guess we'll just have to wait and see. And no, I'm not talking about myself because I'm already '35' and I don't think 5 years is enough to save up for retirement. Haha.....did I just have a typo somewhere in that statement???? LOL...

Actually I saw this segment in a morning show earlier. It's about this 30-year old man who really has a plan to retire at the ripe age of 40. How is he going to do it? Well, he started doing it already. He's been saving up a storm and from the report, he already has about $100K. I didn't catch how long he saved that up. What I know is he has about 10 years to save enough to get him through the few several decades of his natural life. Right now, he's living with the bare necessities I think. He also doesn't have a family of his own and says that he's not planning in having kids. I only caught bits and pieces of the segment but I wish him luck. Everybody's free to plan for his or her future. If that's his least he has one, right?


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